Who We Are
Urban Operation strives to be your go to place to find all the gear you will ever need to survive in an increasingly chaotic world.  There is an enemy, it is growing, it is corrupt, it is funded by fiat currency, and its coming for all of us.  We believe this to the core. Whether it comes from the psychosis of the masses from the influence of predictive programming or in the form of governments attacking their own people, the threat of hostiles grows daily.  We want to be a force of calm against this storm (See: A Part of the Master Plan). In the meantime, we want to be survivors. We want you to be a survivor. One of the keys to survival is preparation, it is in the spirit of this preparation that we offer our products.

Behind the scenes we make up an eclectic band of former lives.
Our staff includes people who were previously successful in these professions: Personal Trainer, Cable Technician, B2B & B2C Sales, Brand Management, Security Consultant, Website Design, Musician, and more. As you browse our store and as we continue to grow you will see our product line reflects much of our staff's interests.

We are here for You!
Urban Operation is dedicated to making your path to preparedness as easy as possible. If you are on the fence about which product is right for you, we are available to help via email at sales@urban-operation.com. Further if you were looking for something specific and did not find it let us know and we will see if we can get you a great deal on it.

Why We Do It
Urban Operation was founded on a principle that the chaos of the world increases with population, mass media influence, increasing class divide, weapons development, technology, and so forth. We believe the perfect storm has developed for a paradigm shift.  Only time will tell for sure, but if it does we believe our products will help protect you and your family for whatever may come.

Why You Should Support Us
For us Urban Operation is just the beginning. We are glad you are here, welcome! Urban Operation is a small business with big plans. Our founder is establishing a network of businesses for-profit and non-profit foundations to effect change in this world. Our aims include education by working with charter schools and community projects, legislation to help protect the people from the reach of tyranny, water both sourcing and filtration, technology for a cleaner world, and more.

A Part of the Master Plan
Urban Operation is just one very small part of a Master Plan that was developed over the course of seven years. By purchasing the preparation products you need through Urban Operation, you join our family. A family who knows this world needs help, a family who knows we fight against powers and principalities, a family that will survive to ensure our posterity has a better future.


Thank you for joining us here, check back often for updates!

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